Meet our new Food Ambassador, Jesse Lou

17 SEP 2020 - 31 DEC 2020

We're delivering delicious recipes to you each week, with the freshest ingredients from Brickworks

Smashed Potato Salad

You can now make friends with salad thanks to Jesse Lou's Smashed Potato Salad recipe!

Ravioli Salad

Unravel Jesse Lou's tasty Ravioli Salad recipe that takes only 10 minutes to cook - that's amore!

Gourmet Bruschetta Trio

Treat yourself to a slice of Italy with Jesse Lou's Gourmet Bruschetta Trio recipe!


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27 Nov - 25 Dec 2020

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17 Nov - 24 Dec 2020

Fine Print Co

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The Block Living and Dining Week Designs

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Easy meals in a jar

Cooking has never been so convenient thanks to The Source Bulk Foods new meals in a jar!